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Are Eggs Bad for Your Heart?


Poor eggs have been victimized in the past. Not long ago doctors were telling us that eggs were loaded with cholesterol and if we ate them we would probably get heart disease.

Do eggs deserve this bad reputation though? And if you are a lover of the yolky pockets of fun, how many can you eat without increasing your risk of all sorts of nasty heart consequences?


Cholesterol and eggs

The reason scientists and doctors alike have been hating on eggs for so long is because they are high in cholesterol. That’s the fatty stuff that can build up in your arteries, clogging them up wreaking more havoc in your heart than a three way love triangle.

But recent research has found that eggs are no way near as nasty as they seem. It turns out that eating cholesterol doesn’t actually raise the levels of cholesterol in your blood as much as you might expect. In reality, there is something else that increases the amount of cholesterol in your blood much more than cholesterol and that is saturated fat.

So saturated fat is the real enemy. Dum dum dummm.

Which means that eggs are off the hook a bit. This finding has also been backed up by research, like this study which found that eating an egg a day really didn’t affect your risk of getting heart disease or having a stroke at all. Horay for eggs!

There’s good stuff in eggs too

So the bad stuff in eggs really isn’t so bad and the good stuff in eggs is really good!

Protein We all know that eggs are full of protein, but did you know that they are actually considered the best protein of the lot? This is because they have a super amazing amino acid mix meaning their six grams of protein are absorbed really easily by your body.

Vitamin D – There aren’t many ways we can get natural Vitamin D, but eggs are one of the lucky few. This elusive vitamin helps us absorb calcium and so is good for your bones and teeth as well as your heart and colon.

Choline – Choline helps our brain’s cogs keep moving and egg yolks are one of the best sources of this clever nutrient.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin – These scary sounding, but really very helpful nutrients are also found in the egg yolk. They are really good for your eyes, helping to prevent things like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.


So there you have it. An overview of eggs. And the verdict? They aren’t the heart clogging danger foods we once thought they were. An egg a day is totally fine and is a great source of some hard to get nutrients, so go forth and egg!


Mum and eggs

This is my mum with some lovely eggs from our chickens. One of them lays green eggs, which are totally good for your heart too!

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